Date: 023/04/02

Subject: Call for Research Articles

We are pleased to inform you that Janamaitri Research Management Cell is going to publish JMC Research, Journal Volume XII , No. 1. I would like to request all the interested faculties and staff of JMC as well as other academic institutions/researchers to submit their articles before June 13, 2023, in an email: [email protected].

Guidelines for Manuscript Submission

JMC Research Journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal and publishes its issues annually on Nepal Journals Online (NepJOL) and in hard copy.

  • Papers containing primary or secondary data-based research in the field of social awareness such as Management, Social science, Math and ICT, Literature, and Education are welcomed.
  • Should be 200 words maximum in the abstract.
  • Should be typed in double-spaced lines, Times New Roman 12-point characters with a 1-inch margin on all sides of the A4 paper, and Preeti 14-point characters.
  • Need to include the writer’s declaration that the article has not been submitted or published in any journals or papers before.
  • Should send the article both in soft copy for acceptance within the timeline. Articles exceeding the deadline will not be accepted at any
  • Should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition for in-text citations and references.
  • Before you submit your papers, you need to prepare your paper based on the following guidelines.
  • Each new paragraph should be
  • Should be original and based on current The author must take complete responsibility of their article. The Editors and the Publisher have no responsibility regarding the statements and opinions expressed by the contributors.
  • Should contain an abstract, introduction, theoretical framework/methods and materials, results/findings, discussions, conclusions, and
  • Should include a separate page for the cover page with the title of the article, author’s name, designation, affiliation, and corresponding email
  • Should not mention the author’s name within the


Dr. Neelam Subedi


JMC Research. Journal