Mission & Vision


Academic Excellence for Building Prosperous Nepal


Produce competent, productive, disciplined and socially responsible citizens for nation capable cope with the challenges posed by the ever increasing pace of modernization and globalization.


Establish JMC as an excellent centre for teaching and learning best suited to the needs of the country and oriented towards coping with the challenges of the 21st century.

 Core Values

  1. Ensure inclusiveness of all the socio-cultural diversities in terms of  caste, geography, religion, gender, and nationality in the pursuit of academic excellence as well as peaceful coexistence;
  2. Impart value based quality education so as to produce most efficient, responsible and dutiful citizens of the nation;
  3. Develop a sense of belongingness and mutual co-existence among all the stakeholders towards developing JMC as a common platform for academic excellence.

Guiding Principles

  • Commitment to the overall development of the students so as to produce most responsible and competent citizens to the nation;
  • Priority to mainstream the students from socially marginalized communities by providing scholarship to needy students on a regular basis;
  • Commitment to run all the programs on cost recovery basis and impart quality education at affordable fee;
  • High sense of responsibility toward promoting socio-economic standard of the society  and the nation through the production of skilled manpower;
  • Facilitating creative participation of and constructive suggestions from all the stakeholders of the campus;
  • Maintaining learning environment in the campus by keeping itself free from political interference;
  • Priority to continuous evaluation of students academic as well as non-academic performance;
  • Priority to extracurricular as well as co curricular activities for promoting overall development of the students;
  •  Promoting professional development of teaching as well as non-teaching faculties by providing them with opportunity to participate in training, exposure visit, seminar, workshop, and research oriented activities;
  • Establishing the campus as a research centre

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 Enhance Academic Excellence

  1. Offer selective academic programs to meet local, regional and national level needs;
  2. Strengthen and develop institutional capacity;
  3. Produce demand driven human capital through student counseling and placement services.

Goal 2 Enroll and Graduate Meritorious and Deserving Students

  1. Extend scholarship and other attractions to motivate outstanding students to join the campus;
  2. Increase graduate pass out rates through innovation in teaching learning activities

Goal 3 Develop the Campus as a Research Centre and Promote Faculties


  1. Mobilize resources to promote research activities;
  2. Support the staff to upgrade their professional expertise;
  3. Encourage the faculties and the students in research based teaching learning activities;

Goal 4 Strengthen Network and Collaboration at Local, National and International level


  1. Promote academic extension programs in collaboration with like minded organizations;
  2. Offer academic and social services to the community and social organizations;
  3. Initiate collaboration with stakeholders to promote the placement of the graduates.