Microsoft Word – Intermediate | Virtual College – Open a document

Microsoft Word – Intermediate | Virtual College – Open a document

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I’ve not tried that before, but it came in handy this week on a document I was creating. That was exactly what I needed. Even this method didn’t work for me. It didn’t have any effect. When trying to do this through Table Properties, I couldn’t even click on the box to disallow row splits it was “grayed out”. I suspect this is tied to the fact that I’ve merged some cells in some columns of the table, because I haven’t encountered this problem before.

I’m working on a MacBook Air, Word Thanks, John S. Hi John. Yes – the moment you merge cells from two or more rows into one, you lose the ability to stop that merged row from splitting across pages. However, it works OK if you’ve merged cells within the same row. I couldn’t stop the merged rows from splitting, so I inserted a blank row where I wanted the table to split, removed all the borders so it was “invisible”, then adjusted its height until it pushed the following row down onto the next page, where I wanted it.

Seems to have worked This solution for preventing merged row from splitting across pages worked great for me. Thank you!!!

Thank you for this tip – it worked – I have been battling this issue forever. I’d like to set it up as a default – do you know if I can do that? Hi Debbie. Yes – you can set this as the default. I’ve just updated the lesson to cover how to do this – let me know how you get on. Can I set table defaults in MS word such that any new table has – head row repeatable when the table is plit – non of the rows are split across pages.

Thanks for this, I was going a bit end-of-year crazy trying to fix a document with these settings. The lesson was concise, easy to follow, and addressed my question completely.

Very helpful. Thanks Nick, that was helpful. That fixed one issue but I am still having an issue with the table splitting vertically or, rather, with the table moving right so that half of the table disappears off the right edge of the document when I add enough information to a cell. It appears to hit some unknown threshold that triggers the incident.

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Stephen E. WSJ subscriptions pass 3. Word can also help you organize and write documents more efficiently. When you create a document in Word, you can choose to start from a blank document or let a template do much of the work for you. From then on, the basic steps in creating and sharing documents are the same. And Word’s powerful editing and reviewing tools can help you work with others to make your document great. Tip: To learn about new features, see What’s new in Word Word templates come ready-to-use with pre-set themes and styles.

All you need to do is add your content. Each time you start Word, you can choose a template from the gallery, click a category to see more templates, or search for more templates online. When you open a document that was created in earlier versions of Word, you see Compatibility Mode in the title bar of the document window.

You can work in compatibility more or you can upgrade the document to use Word To save your document online, choose an online location under Save As or click Add a Place. When your files are online, you can share, give feedback and work together on them in real time.

Note: Word automatically saves files in the. To save your document in a format other than. To save your document as you continue to work on it, click Save in the Quick Access Toolbar.

Open your document in Read Mode to hide most of the buttons and tools so you can get absorbed in your reading without distractions. Note: Some documents open in Read Mode automatically, such as protected documents or attachments. Press page down and page up or the spacebar and backspace on the keyboard. You can also use the arrow keys or the scroll wheel on your mouse. Word marks all additions, deletions, moves, and formatting changes.

Read Track changes to learn more. All in one place, you can see how your document will look when printed, set your print options, and print the file. Under Print , in the Copies box, enter the number of copies you want. Under Settings , the default print settings for your printer are selected for you. If you want to change a setting, just click the setting you want to change and then select a new setting. For details, see Print a document. For more on the fundamentals of using Word, see What’s new in Word With Word for the web, you use your web browser to create, view, and edit the personal documents that you store on OneDrive.

If your organization or college has a Microsoft plan or SharePoint site, start using Word for the web by creating or storing documents in libraries on your site. Save changes. Whether you’d like to move a single line or an entire paragraph, you can use the tab selector and the horizontal ruler to set tabs and indents.

Go deeper in our Indents and Tabs lesson. As you design your document and make formatting decisions, you will need to consider line and paragraph spacing. Go deeper in our Line and Paragraph Spacing lesson. Bulleted and numbered lists can be used in your documents to outline, arrange, and emphasize text.

Go deeper in our Lists lesson. Adding hyperlinks , also known as links , to text can provide access to websites and email addresses directly from your document.

Go deeper in our Links lesson. Word offers a variety of page layout and formatting options that affect how content appears on the page. Go deeper in our Page Layout lesson. Once you’ve created your document, you may want to print it to view and share your work offline. Go deeper in our Printing Documents lesson. When you’re working on a multi-page document, there may be times when you want to have more control over how exactly the text flows. B reaks can be helpful in these cases.

Go deeper in our Breaks lesson. Sometimes the information you include in your document is best displayed in columns. Columns can help improve readability, especially with certain types of documents—like newspaper articles, newsletters, and flyers. Go deeper in our Columns lesson. The header is a section of the document that appears in the top margin , while the footer is a section of the document that appears in the bottom margin. Go deeper in our Headers and Footers lesson.

Page numbers can be used to automatically number each page in your document. Go deeper in our Page Numbers lesson. Adding pictures to your document can be a great way to illustrate important information and add decorative accents to existing text.



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