How to use zoom app for teaching online – none: –

How to use zoom app for teaching online – none: –

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How to use zoom app for teaching online – none:.Zoom Teaching Tools

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This strategy allows students to do a remote presentation together and also lets other students focus on the students presenting without being distracted by other students in the class. In small groups, students take turns working through a list of questions differentiated by the teacher which provides extra hands-on practice answering questions as well as practice supporting their answers.

With peer support, students are able to clarify misconceptions and build skills and mastery in a less stressful, differentiated environment. Virtual Non-verbal Cues Utilize non-verbal feedback e. Virtual Pathways Enable students to break out into different virtual small groups where they get personalized learning experiences around specific content, support, and needs. These can be based on student choice or pre-designated by the educator view tool.

Wait Questions Offer students the ability to share answers simultaneously, as a full group in a fun and engaging way. Digital Demonstration Allow remote and in-person students to showcase their mastery in a multimodal and personalized way during hybrid learning. Virtual Think Pair Share Create a virtual seating chart that is shared with the whole class to implement quick Think-Pair-Share activities. Panel Presentation This strategy allows students to do a remote presentation together and also lets other students focus on the students presenting without being distracted by other students in the class.

You will probably want to hit the record button so students can access the session later. Also, some school districts require recording the video for child safety considerations. Make sure your Cloud sharing is enabled in your settings. You can always find your recordings at zoom.

Do you have your own Zoom tips for teachers? She has 13 years of classroom teaching experience and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. Kimmie was the Puget Sound Teacher of the Year.

Fourteen years later, I find myself returning to this teacher for advice with my own fourth graders. Log in to Reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Get started Begin by downloading Zoom Client and installing it on your device. Get teaching Once you feel comfortable, you can schedule your first meeting.

Up your game Got that under control? You can select one of the pre-loaded backgrounds or upload your own. We even have our own teacher backgrounds! Not a problem. Under that same caret next to Start Video, select Video Settings.

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that you can use for your online teaching to have virtual face-to-face classes with your students. This platform helps you get your students engaged in many different ways.

To get Zoom up and running in less than 5 mins plus some useful student engagement tips , follow along below! To begin using Zoom, head over to zoom. Zoom has different pricing options — with the Basic account having a minute time limit on all calls. However, as a teacher using your school email address, you can now use a Basic account with the minute time limit waived.

We recommend scheduling a meeting so that all the set up will be complete beforehand. To do this, click on the Schedule button. From here, name your meeting, set a date and time, and fill out the remaining details you want to provide.

To keep your class as secure as possible, keep Meeting ID on Generate Automatically and keep a meeting password on. Now, only people with the link and password will be able to access this meeting. When you have finished filling out your remaining details and setting the options for audio and video, hit the schedule button.

To give your students access to the call, on the Zoom homepage, navigate to the Meetings section on the top ribbon. Here, you will see your upcoming meetings and their information. From here, you will want to copy the Invitation Link, Meeting ID, and Password and paste this information into an email, a learning management system, or any other application that you use to communicate with your students.

When it is time for the meeting, your students can join by clicking the link you sent or at zoom. When you start your meeting, you will see a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. On the left, you have an audio and video button. You can also choose to have a virtual background to make the call more exciting and interesting for your students. Zoom has been getting a lot of pressure to make their platform more secure. Recently, meetings were being interrupted by people who were not invited.

No other participants will be able to join once it is locked. The next tab, Participants , is where you can see a list of all your students on the call and can quickly mute or unmute all your students. There are a couple more customizable options in this tab you might be interested in.

To share your screen with your students and even have your students share with you too, click the Screen Sharing button on the toolbar. You are able to share any window that you have open on your desktop. In addition, also you can also share other pages, like a Whiteboard or a second camera.

Whenever you are sharing your screen in Zoom, you have the option to annotate on-screen with the toolbar on the top screen. You have the option to allow your students to also annotate along with you up in the More tab.

When you are done sharing your screen, clicking Stop Share will bring the meeting back to your video.


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Page Updated on February 12, If you have not heard of Zoom for online teaching then where have you been? In this post, I want to give you 7 essential tips for using Zoom for online teaching. These tips and tricks though are great Zoom meeting hacks, if you use Zoom for teleconferencing.

If you are teaching online or using Zoom for meetings , there are numerous times when you will want to mute all other participants. You do not have to use this Zoom hack but my advice is to change the settings for your video so that your video is turned off until you choose to allow the video!

By default, when you first load Zoom onto your computer, unless you change the video settings, it will be set to your video camera set to show you automatically as soon as you join a meeting. The chances are that when you join a meeting on Zoom, you will be ready and prepared to be seen on video.

As a failsafe though, I think it is a much better idea to choose at what point to let the video of you show in the meeting so that you can be sure that you are ready to be seen. To get to settings just click the cog. Imagine you are sharing your screen letting others in the online meeting see your screen and that you want to highlight something so that everyone can easily see what you are trying to show them.

The best way to get used to the annotation tools is to spend 5 minutes playing around with the various tools. When you enter a meeting or online class, whether as the teacher or as a student yourself, it is a much better idea to enter the meeting with your microphone turned off muted and then turn the microphone on once you are sure you are ready. Well, two main reasons. Firstly, you might be moving around and making other noises as you get settled and join the class and you do not want to introduce any unnecessary noise to the class or meeting.

Secondly, it is not uncommon to be setting up and connecting to a meeting and for us to be talking to someone else as we do so, such as if we are finishing a telephone call or chatting with someone in the same work space.

Choosing exactly when to be included in the audio aspect of the meeting can save some unwanted embarrassment. A serious issue with anything you do online is always going to be making sure that security is in place and that you are protected online. With security in mind, one thing I recommend always doing if you are holding a private class meeting is to password protect it! You want to avoid what is known as ZoomBombing. ZoomBombing in effect is hackers taking control of your shared screen and putting their own images on your screen for your class to see often disturbing images.

Once you have clicked to schedule a new online class called a meeting in Zoom , you will see the meeting schedule that you see in the image below. You will then want to make sure that everyone who will be involved in your online class is given the password. Selecting only the host as being the person to share, will ensure that you can avoid anyone maliciously taking control of the shared screen.

It is also a very good idea indeed to make sure that you, the host, are the first person to enter the virtual classroom, to ensure that the classroom is correctly managed. If you were to allow others to join the classroom or meeting before the host joins, there is a greater opportunity for issues to exist in the classroom particularly if you are holding training for anyone with the meeting link to join.

If you are holding a password-only classroom meeting and every student is known to each other, then you can potentially leave this tip if you wish. By default, this will already be unchecked so, if you have just downloaded and started using Zoom, you most likely will not need to change any settings. It is worth checking though as making sure that you as the host are first to enter the digital classroom provides you with an added level of security in that you can better control the digital classroom from start to finish.

To run activities in your online classes that involve smaller groups working together i. The issue I thought would be finding a way still to use group activities in the classroom but, with Breakout Rooms, the solution already exists. You can even pre-assign breakout room names and pre-assign if you wish to students to these rooms for when they will work in small groups during the online lessons.

Zoom for online teaching is a great option for virtual teaching and you can generally manage things even more easily, in many respects, than you could in an offline classroom. If you are using Zoom for online teaching, you might finally want to consider providing these topics as online classes:.

I enjoyed your tips for using Zoom! Is there a way to train others on the Zoom tools and have the audience see your screen and the tools that you are talking about? Good luck, Jon. Just started using zoom to teach my Pilates students.

Is it professional to stop demonstrating after sets, in order to monitor folk on my laptop screen more closely.

This means they will see me checking but I would do the same in f to f group classes. Hi Sue, I think it should be fine, as long as you explain clearly to your students what to expect, i. The only problem might be the quality and position of their camera. So, you would need to give them a bit of direction beforehand on how to best position their camera so you can see them.

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Page Contents. Selecting and using the annotate feature in Zoom. Once you select annotation you see these options. See the highlight tool working in Zoom above.

Where to mute the microphone when starting a meeting on Zoom. Controlling screen sharing in Zoom classrooms. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Valeria has been involved with education for over 16 years. Tonie Miller on September 22, at pm. Jon Britain on September 26, at pm. Sue on January 15, at pm.

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