How to set up a recurring zoom meeting in canvas –

How to set up a recurring zoom meeting in canvas –

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We encourage faculty to visit our online Zoom room for drop-in support between 9AM and 4PM, every weekday. However, we will keep our physical office, Salazar , open to support on-campus faculty, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.

If you need support outside of our business hours, faculty can contact our hour Canvas support hotline or just email us at ctet sonoma. Note: if you are experimenting with Zoom, please try this first in a Canvas sandbox course, so that you do not accidentally start and share meetings with your students. If you need a sandbox course, please submit a ticket via the Canvas Course Request form. Video: How to set up a Zoom Meeting in Canvas. Set Details: Note – It is very efficient and useful to set up recurring meetings!

Allow both for Audio, so that students can call in with a phone if necessary. Allow Enable join before host. Options – Record the meeting automatically , In the cloud. If you choose this, you are able to send students links to recordings of the class meetings if they are unable to attend. Usually, however, it is better to manually choose when to record, in the Zoom app so that there is less junk to sift through. Alternative hosts: For managing a meeting it is often very useful to deputize a co-host to monitor the chat room and answer questions, while one person is running the meeting.

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Accessing Zoom Inside of Canvas Note: if you are experimenting with Zoom, please try this first in a Canvas sandbox course, so that you do not accidentally start and share meetings with your students. Note, it can take a while for the recordings to process in the cloud – check the next day.



How to set up a recurring zoom meeting in canvas.How do I set up a Zoom Meeting inside of Canvas?


If you need general Zoom support not specifically using Canvas, such as account or licensing information, software updates, integrations with other software Outlook , and using the HIPAA client please see these Information Services Zoom Pages. Use these tabs to navigate your Zoom meetings.

A recurring meeting is one that recurs regularly, that is daily, 2 days per week, 3 days per week, weekly, etc. Give the meeting a meaningful title in the Topic [1] area and a description a description is optional.

Is your meeting recurring? Will you hold it regularly? For example, will you provide a live lecture once a week on the same day and time? If so, check the Recurring meeting checkbox [4]. Add the Recurrence daily, weekly, etc , Repeat every day, week, etc , Occurs on, and End date you can either set a date or end after a specified number of occurrences i.

By December 9 or After 10 occurrences. Meeting Options: by default these settings will appear as they are shown at right. If you share a link to the meeting with your students in an Announcement or email – the meeting ID and Password are embedded in the link. This feature will require all participants to pre-register for the Zoom meeting. It also requires that the instructor confirms each registration.

For some meetings i. For regular class meetings and large classes, you may wish to uncheck Waiting room so students can join the meeting automatically. For additional security for your Zoom sessions, click the Only authenticated users can join [6] checkbox. This will require participants to log in with their DuckID and password. If you select Record the meeting automatically [7] you won’t have to remember to turn on the recording.

You might have a lot of extraneous noise and video while you wait to start class. If you don’t want to do those edits, do not check Record the meeting automatically. You will be prompted about recording it to your computer or to the cloud. If you record to the cloud, you will need to download it to add it back into Panopto to make it available in Canvas.

Zoom Cloud recordings can take multiple hours to be made available for viewing or downloading. Saving to your computer is more efficient if there is room on your computer. Once they do, they can be added by entering their email address in the Alternative Hosts text box.

Once a recurring meeting is scheduled all sessions will appear on the Upcoming Meetings Tab along with other meetings scheduled for this course. Search Teaching Support and Innovation Search. How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Canvas. Zoom meetings and office hours for courses can be scheduled in Canvas. To begin, if you don’t see Zoom Meetings on the Course Navigation menu you will need to add it.

Scheduling your Zoom meetings in Canvas will provide a clickable link on the Syllabus page and the Calendar for the course. If you plan to allow students from multiple courses access to a Zoom meeting for office hours, for example, it is best to schedule those meetings in the Zoom app. One other tip, for Zoom recordings of classroom lectures that will only be shared with some students not the whole class be sure to schedule these recordings and start these recordings from the Zoom app.

Related Topics: Zoom in Canvas , Canvas. Canvas – Zoom Interface. Back to Top. Set the date and start time for the meeting in the When [2] area.

Set the meeting Duration [3]. Once all your meeting setting are set, Save [9] the meeting. Recurring Zoom Meetings View.


Using Zoom with Canvas FAQ – Instructure Community

Scheduling Zoom Meetings in a Course · Go to your Canvas course and click on the “Zoom” tool in your course navigation menu. · The Zoom tool’s. Select the Recurring Meeting checkbox. Screenshot of Recurring Meeting checkbox · Recurrence: Select how often you need the meeting to recur: Daily, Weekly. In Course Navigation, click the Zoom link.