How to Change Magnification Increments in InDesign | Small Business – – How to change the magnification view in InDesign

How to Change Magnification Increments in InDesign | Small Business – – How to change the magnification view in InDesign

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How to change zoom settings in indesign –

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What you can do, however, is change your magnification. For example, you can hold a ruler up to your screen and change the view magnification setting until the ruler is more or less correct. If you have the Application Bar turned off in the View menu , then you can press Command-Option-5 or Ctrl-Alt-5 to jump to the view magnification field. Then you can type the number you want, followed by Enter, and InDesign jumps to it. For some reason bug?

I hope Adobe fixes that someday, as I like to work with the Bar turned on. Okay, but who wants to type in all day? Once you figure out what view is truly Actual Size, you need to tell InDesign to jump to it quickly. First, you need to install a very simple script.

To install it:. Save the file, close it, go back to InDesign and try your shortcut. Is this a new feature or a brand new script? Long-time listeners will recognize that Dave Saunders wrote this, and we first talked about it in Podcast Episode 4 , in January, ! Actually, to achieve full awesomeness, some friendly scripter could turn it into a startup script toggled if desired that could be placed in the startup scripts folder… Or can this type of command not work that way?

Jongware: That is so awesome that the script can refer to its own name! Hey, folks, look forward to even more cool stuff from Jongware soon, including some good articles about scripting! Thank you so much! In Acrobat, look in the Page Display pane of the prefs dialog box. It should not even need to be thought about in Indesign or Photoshop. Thank goodness for your script. Jo: If the Application Bar is open, magnification is in the upper-left corner to the right of the Br icon, I think. If the bar is closed, magnification is in the lower-left corner of the document window.

This command needs to go first because ID will center the page but also zoom in to fit. Thanks for the contribution! Brilliant tip! The script works great when I run it from the scripts panel. But I really am after the keyboard shortcut.

Thus the script still has not keyboard shortcut. Any ideas? I have been struggling with this for … well, forever :- You guys are the absolute best!. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for this great step-by-step procedure. You provided easy-to-follow instructions that worked perfectly. Thanks again! When I control-click on that link, I get a window with about 7 options, but none of them seem to lead to the Script Panel folder. Any suggestions? THANK you! I know you posted this awhile back, but I just wanted you to know this has solved a big problem for me today.

To get the ratio in ID double click your Zoom tool! Can you believe that works?! What this does provide though is a quick reference to what percentage you should be setting your zoom to without having to measure anything on screen.

Oddly this works for my non retina external display hooked up to my MBP retina display. Not going to ask. I adjusted the above scripts to include self referential file name as well as centering and it works like a charm. Thanks and hope this helps!

Can this be fixed? My mod of this script. It recognizes fractions in the file name — reads dot and one digit after the dot: app. Not sure what I did wrong.. I even deleted the old set and made another one and renamed everything… Any advice? Nevermind, figured it out. It continues to be one of my gripes about the lack of integration between the suite. I mean, how long have custom views been so much more readily and easily available in Ps and Illustrator? I use the preflight panel quite a bit especially since I am converting Quark documents to InDesign.

Is there a way to change this so the magnification stays the same as I go from one preflight issue to another? Nothing happens when I invoke this. If I select the script and right mouse click and select Run Script, nothing happens.

Made it work. Everything is OK now. Thanks, again. Another install of InDesign, another need to solve this issue. InDesign supports several different methods for increasing the zoom:. When you visit this site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your device and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests.

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Keyboard shortcut commands for zooming in & out – Adobe Support Community – .Using the Zoom Tools in Adobe InDesign


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How to change zoom settings in indesign

To magnify to the next preset percentage, activate the window you want to view and choose View > Zoom In. To set a specific magnification level, type or choose a level in the Zoom Level box in the application bar.