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Our vision - Produce competent, productive, disciplined and socially responsible citizens for nations capable cope with the challenges posed by the ever-increasing pace of modernization and globalization.

Founded in 2047 BS and promoted by an efficient team of reputed professionals, academicians and social workers, Janamaitri Multiple Campus (JMC) has been recognized and admired as one of the pioneering academic institutions of the nation. As a purely public organization, the college feels responsible towards public, society and the nation. The ideally located pollution free surrounding of Kuleshwor Height has been considered a student oriented center of learning by virtue of JMC. The college has extended its physical facilities with a purchase of a wide field at the centre of locality for the extension of higher/university education in various subjects and disciplines

JMC has become successful higher education institution to prove that quality education is not the outcome of high financial investments but the consequence of sound labour of weariless students, dedicated faculties and efficient management. Conducive to academic environment, mutual understanding, high level intellectual workshop, multimedia use etc. are some of the numerous features of JMC that prove it an ideal educational institution with a difference. Above 3000 students of +2, Bachelor’s and Master’s Level make an easy answer to why one must step towards JMC for quality education in considerably reasonable expenses. Campus has offered free-ships to more than three hundred meritorious needy and under-privileged students per annum as remarkable service to the nation.

JMC has been guided by the shared vision and collaborative efforts of all the stakeholders so as to face the challenges of globalized world. The college has succeeded to take a glorious leap in academia with the Master’s program in Management (MBS) and Education (M Ed in English and Nepali). JMC has also managed WIFI internet system with multimedia Power-point in the field of pedagogy to make evidence based delivery of knowledge. It has also provided highly managed lab, library and other physical infrastructure to facilitate for learning environment including a hall for seminar classes. It is hoped to provide more facilities to the learners of this institution in the near future.

Our Objective

  • To encourage a sense of self-discipline, confidence and to develop a multidimensional personality
  • To impart quality education through practical classes.
  • To encourage a sense of self-discipline, confidence and to develop a multidimensional personality.
  • To ensure a sense of brotherhood, cooperation and mutual understanding.

Our Mission

Acadamic excellency

Suited learning environment

Coping with 21century

Need oriented learning

Message from Chairman

Janamaitri Multiple Campus stands with a vision to be developed as a deemed university by making a center of academic excellence for meeting the emerging challenges of modernization and globalization. It is striving ahead with full potentials. I am very delighted to be acquainted with the prospective students, parents and the well wishers by welcoming at Janamaitri Multiple Campus as one of the pioneering community campuses in Nepal. I have seen a team of academic and management experts in the campus who are working very hard to make this happen by equipping the students with weariless attempts for their prosperous future. Among many community colleges in the country, JMC has been proven with innovative instructional and pedagogical practices in imparting quality education leading to the production of efficient human resource with professional settlement in diverse fields as per students' needs. It's my pride to announce that this campus has been able to embrace with a team spirit of best faculties and other essential physical facilities that are needed for pedagogical development of the students. I hope JMC to be a successful higher education institution not only in Nepal but also in international level to keep the norms and values.

Dr. Dilli Raj Khanal

Message from Campus Chief

Today, we are living in the era of globalization, which has affected lifestyle and thinking of people. Because of the impact of globalization, societies are following transformation process as the global trends are directing. In such situation, higher education should play effective role to fulfill the expectations of the emerging societies and social theories. Moreover, at present, many educational institutions are growing to be profit motive and many students from economically and geographically backward area are still deprived of higher education. I believe that JMC has provided equity and access to higher education to those group of learners who otherwise cannot pursue higher education.
It is also a great reward for the working team and labourious learners that JMC has been successful to get QAA award from UGC on 23 December, 2019, which is great achievement in the history of higher education as an identity of the contribution made by JMC.
The main mission of JMC is to contribute to society and the nation through the pursuit of education and knowledge with provision of international level of excellence. JMC has taken aim to provide freedom from discrimination to diverse group of students and working team. JMC has provided diverse range of academic subjects in all major subject groups (MBS, MEd BA, BEd, BBS, BBM, BCA, BICT, + 2 Levels) with focus of quality- oriented teaching learning environment. I am entitled to mention that JMC has a highly qualified and dedicated teaching faculties whose contribution is praiseworthy to impart student centered education throughout the year. Moreover, JMC has maintained hygienic environment including provision of clean drinking water and neat and clean bathrooms with sufficient supply of water. This higher education institution has maintained the facility of using modern technology in teaching learning activities with facilities of Internet, lab and library.
I hope JMC will produce highly qualified future leaders and professionals needed for the advancement and economic development of the nation.

Mr. Bhola Nath Ojha

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Campus Chief Campus Chief

Mr. Bhola Nath Ojha

Campus Chief Campus Chief

Mr. Bhola Nath Ojha

Asst. Campus Chief Asst. Campus Chief

Mr. Madhav Khanal

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Librarian Librarian

Ms. Sita Gyawali

Librarian Librarian

Ramesh Niraula

Electricity Technician Electricity Technician

Mr. Eak Nath Paudel

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Mr. Gopilal Tamang

कार्यालय सहयोगी कार्यालय सहयोगी

Ms. Phulmaya Tamang

कार्यालय सहयोगी कार्यालय सहयोगी

Ms. Gita Shrestha

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Mr. Min Kumar Shrestha

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Bhisma Raj Paudel

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Dr. Dilli Raj Khanal

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Mr. Rajendra Giri

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Mr. Madhav Khanal

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Mr. Narayan Dhakal

Why choose us

JMC is chosen for:

  • Quality Education
  • Friendly and Qualified Teaching Staff
  • Supportive Management Team
  • Hygienic and Peaceful Environment
  • Being well Disciplined, Active Student & student-centered teaching-learning Activities
  • Being a person devoted to national progress
  • Affordable Fee